1.0 eta - any idea?

Seeing how it is close to er301 turning 2 years old, and is only at firmware 0.4.1, i am wondering if it is realistic to think it will take longer than another 2 years to reach 1.0…

Any idea whatsoever ?

What’s the hurry? It’s just a number, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

To me 1.0 means development will slow significantly. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to that.


Me either

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Personally I’m eagerly waiting for 0.99 !


…true, but it will also mean that the SDK is released into the wild and third party development will increase significantly to compensate :wink:

…also, when core software development slows we have a chance of an upgraded SOM.

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True, I guess it might also signal Brian might be ready to create a new module, which would be exciting too. Still, I’m not in a hurry. :slight_smile:


I just figured it would be nice to focus more time using a developed os with a manual instead of spending hours trying to figure out what has changed.

Its easy to get lost and not find the time to always re-learn or people have to rewrite custom units . I thought that was obvious, but maybe most people have unlimited free time, i wouldnt know…


I like the continuous evolution but I appreciate where you’re coming from.

I’m excited for the 1.0 party, which is at who’s house again? :grin:

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Right now with the tools we have we could spend 100 years creating music without any software or gear upgrades. Sometimes we spend too much time talking about gear instead of musical ideas. As a violinist playing an instrument designed almost 500 years ago I don’t see the point of waiting for any design improvements in violin construction.

By talking like this we run the risk of becoming “music technicians” instead of musicians …


What version are you using?

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They did improve it: it’s not a Viola!


I’m eager for 1.0, but I also appreciate the progressive development because it makes me feel part of the project. I get to learn the 301 from the bottom up, and I suspect that this module will be my companion for a very long time since I’ll have mastered it by the time 1.0 drops.

In the meantime I’ve been learning DSP with Audulus and I have a lot of ideas for when the 301 SDK becomes available. I hope logic and math modules get added to the 301 so I can fuck around :slight_smile:


There is one of each of these in the Accents library. I’d be interested in any feedback you have on them.

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can’t open .lua stuff on 0.4.

@naturarerum, these are middle layer (code level) units, so you don’t load them like a custom unit. Download the Accents zip file - that one is targeted at 0.4 firmware. Extract the files to your SD card into the ER-301/libs directory. So you should now have a folder structure:


that contains the .lua files.

The units will now appear on the insert menu alongside the bulitin units.

oh wow, I didn’t know the middle layer was open for contribution. any resource where I can get started contributing to this stuff? I got a bunch of audulus modules ready for porting. :eyes:


This is the main thread:

I made a video when I was first getting started. It’s now a bit out of date but might still be helpful.

thank you!!! sorry for not searching this myself, I now realize this was all out in the open. I see more and more that this forum is the place for all 301 resources, not just discussion… :slight_smile:


No problem. Actually the video would still be relevant if you temporarily load up 0.3 stable firmware to follow along. Then you’d just need to get up to speed on what changed in 0.4, which isn’t that much, really, as far as what you need to do differently in the lua code is concerned.

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