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1.2v scaling


hey Brian

Still getting my head around the ER101 (via reading the manual while I wait for the 101)

Would 1.2v (Buchla) per octv scaling be possible with a custom voltage table?



You definitely can make a custom voltage table, it would just be increments of 0.1V, but then the note display will be wrong because the note display assumes 1V/oct.

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Hi, kind of bumping this thread and wondering if anybody managed to create the 1.2v/oct voltage table? So far, I couldn’t wrap my head around the python voltage table tool, but that might be my post-long-day no-brain condition. Thanks!



You can use the existing L-8 reference table. It has steps of 0.1V. As mentioned, the note display will be off though. So I recommend putting the track in number display mode.

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thanks! will do.