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1 to 4 router - 4 bands container preset\custom unit

1 to 4 router

this is a very simple utility. it takes a signal on the left and route it to one of the 4 bands at a time, depending on the position (pos) value.
it is done with comparators, not with the bump scanner.


  • pos this controls to which band the signal is routed (integer values from 1 to 4, no crossfading,it just switches)

installation be aware this is a 4 bands container unit preset, not a real custom unit, so in theory it goes in the four-bands preset folder. anyway with the latest fw versions we can actually save to and load from wherever we want, so this doesnt really matter too much anymore
requires Accents
cpu about 5%
tips you can use it to route an audio signal to 4 different effects\processors:
open each band and insert your processors on the right of the subchain
or use it to route a cv sequence to 1 of 4 different synths\samplers: enter each band , insert your oscillator\synth, assign to its pitch control the output of the VCA at the immediate left of it
or a gate sequence to 1 of 4 different drums\percussions…or again send a gate sequence to trigger 4 different kind of loopers\recorders\samplers combos…

1to4-router.unit (18.0 KB)