101 & 102 availability

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I was guessing if you know more or less when 101 & 102 will be available again for purchasing.

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I’m also very interested, especially in the ER-102, which as far as I know hasn’t been available for years at this point. Last thing I heard was that there were issues acquiring parts for it.

I know it’s not the answer that you want but…

All information regarding product availability will be announced via my twitter feed when I deem the information to be reliable enough to disseminate.



Thanks @odevices for the answer. Just as a suggestion, IMO a waiting list will be very helpful to people that lives in a timezone 8h back. When you publish something in twitter we’ll be always late unless the next batch for those parts is big enough.

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Since @odevices announced to start a waiting list on twitter on august 7th and wrote “I’ll have it up in a few days.” I have been checking the twitter account for news on the waiting list.

So now I finally subscribed to the forum to check what’s going on… If it’s not going to happen after all, or if it is just being delayed, it would be helpful to know that. A few words could save you and everyone else some time it seems.

If plans aren’t finalized what more is there to say than, “nothing yet”? Saying more could backfire.

No need to make promises. If you only say “It didn’t work out. I might do another attempt in two months or so”. Then in two months time, write a few words again… at least people can stop checking the twitter feed, and you avoid them asking questions about it in the forums. I think it saves both sides time and frustration.

but them what happens when things change again and it becomes possible? The people who stopped looking at twitter will feel burned. All I mean to say is that there are no absolute answers, and no good solutions to the problems that are causing this.

The two months were just an example. Of course, you then don’t launch things before that time is over if you say it might take two months. With something like a mailing list there would be no reason to launch it before you said you would.

I believe the solution is to communicate (minimally) at regular intervals, and not make promises if you’re not sure you can make them.

If you say “check my twitter feed” and then promise something within a few days, and never report back, that is just bad communication IMO. A follow-up of few words would have solved that.

So I don’t agree. I think there are definitely solutions to the problems that are causing this. But I don’t want to drag this out any further. I think I’ve made my point.


What I mean about no good solutions to the problems causing this, I am speaking of the problems of international shipping, parts sourcing, and the increasing difficulty of small batch electronics production. Not necessarily the communication. I can understand your frustration, But I also understand the desire to keep options as open as possible with the current environment around producing hardware. It is a hard problem.

Any update on this? Losing hope…

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Hang in there :slight_smile:

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Hi Brian @odevices,
a friend of mine is in Tokyo at the moment. Would it be possible to pick up an ER-101 directly from you? I’m new here, so excuse me if this question has been already raised too often :slight_smile:
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Unfortunately, there are no ER-101 available at the moment and will not be for the rest of the year.

Hello, I’m looking for a 101, 102, and 301. Do you think production will start back up anytime soon? I just saw in the news that they say the parts shortage is nearly “over”?