101 gates length

Hi, can the ER-101 do individual note gate lengths?
Like one note lasts 1 sec and the next one 2 sec or whatsoever?
If yes how does the clock act in that scenario?
might be a silly q…:no_mouth::thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


There are clock multiplication and division settings, the number of steps - sorry - I meant to say the step length - can go up to 99 and there’s a separate gate length also up to 99 steps. It really can go anyway you like, it’s extremely flexible.

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Not 99 steps :wink:

Step length and gate length is measured in number of clock pulses.

And you can tie steps together by setting the gate length longer than the step length.


Thanks - that was definitely not one of my better explanations :joy:

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message received anyway…:slightly_smiling_face: ta!