102 availability

Hi @odevices,
I’d like to know when 102 will be in stock again.


If you’re outside of Japan, then keep an eye on this topic here:

If you scroll to the bottom you can select the option to watch the topic and receive a notification if there’s an update. Brian will post there when he is accepting orders again.

You can do the same here if you use Twitter: https://twitter.com/odevices?lang=en

They are referring to the 102’s specific availability as before the store was closed they were not available.

To answer your question is that there hasn’t been update on this topic, since it was mentioned that a part was missing for building the 102. Efforts are being made to get the part, etc., but a timeline has not be established.

This is kind of what I’ve been able to piece together.

The used market is a good place to look, although the prices are getting a little ridiculous.

Yeh really hope it becomes available soon.

There’s one available on the modular grid marketplace right now Offers on ModularGrid

Any they want a ridiculous price for it too.

I didn’t check the exchange rate form Canadian dollars, but sounds about right…

Maybe I was thinking it cost different than it does.

Sorry, I wasnt being very clear, I meant to imply that people charging a lot sounds typical!

Edit: just checked the conversion to the listed jpy price and it comes about a bit more, but not as ridiculous as what people seem to asking for 301s

Yeah, the situation with demand and availability is getting ridiculous in every industry. My work has a chicken wing shortage, there’s the chip shortage, gas shortage on the east-coast of the US. Everything is wild.

that was from Feb of this year

I was able to get a 101/2 combo off of Modwiggler and the price was more than getting them new from OD. The 102 justifies the price some but it is still an inflation.

I’m really just happy to have finally landed the modules. Only one previous owner and I got the OG boxes.

That said I really hope the parts become available again.

Wow when was this ?

I just got the combo this Monday. I was real lucky even though the price was about $300 more than getting them new from Brian.

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