12tet sampling and the NerdSeq

Hey hey,

So I’m currently banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how to map 12tet to a chopped sample with the NerdSeq, I’ve got a test drum loop chopped into 12 parts and for the life of me I cannot get them to play in sequence.

Just using the Varispeed player and nothing else in the chain for learning purposes.

Trig into trig and CV into A

Bias and Gain if I move them around sometimes I get it to play something other than the second sample but it never seems the same each round.

I know I’m missing something and it’s dumb and I’m currently combing through the wiki and forum trying to find a similar issue but I still wanted to ask here.

Cheers and thanks!

I’m not a nerdseq user, but there’s a trick with the micro delay described here that most external sequencers do need to get predictable results.

Also, can we assume that you’ve already set the address Mode to the 12tet option?


Yep, you have to have a micro delay on each trigger in from the Nerdseq. It has been a while, but I recall 5ms being perfect.

Hey there,

Thanks I’ll check out the link and yes I checked double checked and triple Checked just to make sure. :smiley:

I’ll give that a whirl tonight thank you :smiley: