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16N Faderbank is Happening


Over on the Monome Lines forum it was posted earlier that the github repository for the 16N Faderbank has been published with final designs. I was just talking with Raph at Michigan Synth Works and he’s ordering boards tomorrow. Panels look to be CNC milled with a projected cost of each 16N at approximately $275 (not a firm price yet). Write to info@michigansynthworks.com if you too are interested. Don’t forget to keep @bpcmusic in mind for a TELEXb to power it.


I’m wondering if it is possible to combine i2c from ansible and i2c from the 16n inside the er301, and if yes, how should one technically combine the inputs… i’ve got one of those powered i2c boards, but that has only one input socket…though multiple outputs, would need it the other way around, maybe it is ok to just solder the cables together :thinking:


Not sure but the forthcoming TXb is probably the solution. I’ve just ordered some PCB for the 16n and some Tt busboards for the Teletype.

Edit: 275$ seems a bit more than what I’m expecting FWIW: BOM : 90€ , PCB <10€ Panels 110€ Anodized aluminum.


i2c is a bus architecture. so, you can daisy chain your devices. There aren’t really “inputs” and “outputs” like you say, on any of the I2C boards I’ve seen. You can connect i2c to all of 16n, ansible, and ER-301, but be aware that I2C does have a host/client relationship. In the scenario you describe, both Ansible and 16n are trying to be a host (or “master” in the old vernacular). The firmware for these devices has not implemented I2C multi-master protocols. The practical reality of this is that if both hosts send commands to the same client (ER-301) at the same moment, there may be unexpected behavior, including crashes. That being said, early tests seem to demonstrate that you can get away with it a lot of the time (probably because “at the same time” is a relatively rare occurrence?) (But crashing will always be a risk. And unfortunately, implementation of multi-master I2C is non-trivial and not really even fully specified, so you’d be doing some inventing along the way).


And yes, @bpcmusic’s TXb looks like a very verynice way to get I2C into eurorack from 16n.


I hope they’ll be available soon or I will have to DIY an ugly jack to I2C cable :smiley:


Some more detail about I2C:

The i2C needs a TXb module, right ? Maybe I should wait until it’s released…

not specifically. It’ll make your life easier, but all the I2C is is a 3.5mm stereo jack with SCL/SDA broken out. You could wire up your own adapter if you want.

I’d note that I’m not the best person to speak to about I2C - it is a much more complex use case than the others, and you need to choose at the point you flash the firmware whether the device is in MASTER mode (eg, for a an ER-301) or not (for Ansible/monome ecosystem). The latter is the default, iirc. I2C also cannot be hotplugged.


Exciting! This is gonna free up 18hp immediately :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your extensive explanation. It made things clear.
What does “Hotplugging” mean?


It means changing I2C connections when the circuit has electricity running through it. It’s a data line, not simple CV, and the trs Jack will briefly short when you ad or remove the cable. This can cause weird voltage spikes, corrupt data, and a potential crash.


Anybody else get (and pay) their invoice? :star_struck:


Errr, not yet but fingers crossed!


Paid within 5 seconds of invoices being sent out.


Yup. Cherry wood. I wonder if there will be similar fervor when that txb module is announced…


I was originally going to go with bamboo, but opted for black aluminum


I am very much looking forward to this combo


If the last time he opened shop is any indication, the modules will be gone in minutes or even seconds.


Bamboo here. And yeah, really hoping there will be enough TXbs to go around :slight_smile:


Should @bpcmusic not have enough maybe after he sells what he has he’ll consider throwing info’s up on Github so someone else can help in building more?


Thanks for the heads up!