2 interchangeable firmwares/accents.etc... on one card?

Is it possible to have v0.3.25(with joes bespoke units) AND v0.4.27(with joes accents) on the same card ?

I would like to be able to switch between firmwares but upon doing so, have joes bespoke units, quicksaves, presets,custom units, etc…automatically associated with v0.3.25 and joes accents,quicksaves, presets,custom units, etc…associated with v0.4.27.

Then i could avoid using two separate cards. Is this possible at all ? If it is, how would i set it up ?
I remember trying it in the past, but something was not working right…

Thank you.

Hmm. It almost would work because the presets and quicksaves are kept separate by major/minor version but unfortunately I think the files in the lib folder will get in each other’s way. I should probably adopt some kind of version silo in the lib folder too but it is too late for v0.4 and v0.3.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I will just use 2 separate cards then.