2 issues from a one week user

Hello, diving deep and fast here in chicago. Really loving everything about this gem.

My first issue is saving a unit in the chooser menu to be easily accessed as shown in one of Neil’s videos. I have saved two simple presets (my terminology on this still loose ie. units, unit preset, chain preset etc). Both are sine Osc with a tuning such as A440. Both are saved in the chooser menu but not showing up anywhere that I can access.

Second issue is that I am having trouble with buffers loading and even staying loaded into a Manual Grains unit. I have buffers running on loopers and samplers and then use the same buffer on different mixer feeding a Grains. it will work. but then drop out. and then all attempts to reassign the buffer fail.

I also experienced for the first time last night what I think was the bit reduction audio glitch possibly first described by Richard. It occurred when I was demo’ing the unit for a friend and showed the stress unit. I maxed out stress and brought it down, then deleted it. But incoming audio from an external osc was continually mangled.

Thanks for everything!

Keep in mind the STRESS unit is a diagnostic tool and not an effect.

I wouldn’t recommend using it in normal circumstances.

What OS are you running? I saved a preset as recent as v0.2.2 and it’s showing up in the chooser. Make sure you’re saving a full CHAIN preset and not a specific unit preset intro the chooser. I’m pretty sure that’s what needs to happen for it to be successful.


Im at school currently teaching. But i followed your video exactly for saving the chooser item. Just like you did for the Neil synth. I’ll try again when Im home, but can’t think i’ll be doing anything differently.

and agreed. i dont really use stress in that way. but they asked when they flipped through the unit menu

I found my micro SD card reader (cat stole it and hid it under closet door). I’ve downloaded 0.2.4 and will test and see what happens.:smile_cat:

Confirmed. Newly created Chooser presets won’t show up in the unit list using 0.2.4. BUT - I’m thinking maybe it has to be on a per unit basis. So you could make your elaborate setup within a custom unit or a mixer and then save that to the chooser (which works)


I made this too

Hrmm - tried it here again:

So renaming it ahead of time is all that changed?

There is clearly some confusion around a unit’s name and a preset’s filename. I’ll be revisiting the preset system soon to see if I can make it simpler.

By the way, @brownshoesonly, why don’t you remove the shipping film from your ER-301’s displays and stay awhile? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah ideally the file would be the same name as the unit label or vice versa. This has stumped me in the past.

I don’t know if you would call that ideal. Filenames have restrictions on characters but not their length and must be unique if they are going to live in the same directory. Labels have no restrictions on characters but should be short enough to fit in the unit header. I’m hoping there is a better way than forcing filename and label to be the same.