2x - or p2 - single cycle waveforms

Hey all - I’ve been reading about wavetables, aliasing ect and I was wondering if we could get the power of 2 wavetables?
And just generally, what, if any, effect does it have on the single cycle wavetables osc on the 301? It’s perfect for building lovely wt banks so before I go through the bother of Transforming my akwf files

This is what I’m referring to

I don’t think it is possible with the existing units, though I’m not sure.

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So I don’t think I explained what I’m after, regardless this utility does it…

Brian, is this the sort of thing we could incorporate into 301?

“ multisampling

as a sort of bonus, i’ve added a basic “multi-sampling” feature. this produces multiple copies of the waveform with successively higher frequencies removed, making them suitable for use in a band-limited wavetable synth.

nigel redmond has an excellent description of the bandlimited-wavetable method on his earlevel.com blog.”

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