3 Clicks - Random Generating Glitch Custom Unit

This is 3 clicks. A clicky glitchy random generating machine - watch your speakers :slight_smile: - its 100% internal, self generating custom unit i made on the er301 using 3 bandpass filters triggered by random gates and CVs using Joes bespoke units. No external modulation necessary but feel free to add your own. You must have Joes Bespoke Units (4th Aug) installed for it to play - Some new Units to share

Instructions :
Im using firmware v0.3.25 - so please upgrade if you don’t have.
Place Joes Bespoke Units in ER-301/libs folder
Unzip 3 Clicks V1.0 custom unit lua to ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit
Insert “Custom Unit” -> Click on the custom unit self generated name (left side - not where it says “open”)
Load Preset -> goto ER-301/v0.3/presets/units/custom-unit/3 clicks v1.0.lua
Its a mono unit - so just connect audio out - that’s it!
No cv required. It autoplays.

3 clicks v1.0.lua.zip (3.6 KB)


Ahh, you finally released a custom unit! Thanks!

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OK, this is the easiest to use custom unit I’ve seen yet. You just load the preset and you’re off and rockin’ it @mudlogger style!! Never the same sound twice. Nice work.

Edit: Seriously, there are some great sounds, and just some outright nutty sounds coming out of this thing. My first impulse is to sample it and try slice them up and structure them more. But that would kinda ruin the chaotic nature of it. I’m torn. :slight_smile:

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yes, this custom unit is like those generative music albums!
i had it on for a couple hours while reading, so great, some moments were really like structured glitch music that stepped out of the free flow! great work!

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Thanks Joe :slight_smile: - I’ve done a lot of these self generating ones, some are nutty and glitchy, others are very melodic using lots of @hyena asr’s and quantizers, but I have never put them in a custom unit before. Others are saved as quicksaves or channel strips. I have about 30 of them. Is there a quick way to move them to become a custom unit? A lot have been set up to look at a master random cv channel strip in globals to save CPU.

I wish a quicksave could instantly be converted to a custom unit shell, at the press of a button.

My previous units I was using a lot of velvet noise / sample and holds to generate semi-random - these new units really open up the Buchla / Serge side of the er301 patching. I’m also a big fan of self contained clicky noise boxes like stuff from Folktek, Ciat Lonbarde, the Grackler and Rob Hordiijk’s rungler driven blippoo box which all use pinged bandpass filters and cv recursive feedback techniques (see Dave Tudor). I deliberately left out all the control elements as I wanted something that would work straight out of the box.

I made a couple of requests asking for more Chaos type units (like on Teletype) and end of rise / end of slice trigger outputs on samples slices and envelopes so I could link all these units together more easily internally. Now your units make that much easier to do. Thankyou!

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Thanks so much! I think making fully internal, auto generating er301 stuff hasn’t been explored fully yet and shows the unit off in a different light. You can easily slow everything down by turning down all the velvet noise unit triggers or bypass the effects for a much more dry clicky Plumbutter type sounds. Especially, if you play with the cv parameters and trigger widths. Its worth adding a white noise / bpf cymbal/snare as a 4th click also.

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There’s no one-press convert to custom unit, but you should be able to make pretty short work of it.

Insert a custom unit after your existing channel chain. Use cut to grab all the units from the top of the channel chain. You can select all of them at once (hold shift while rolling the selection cursor over top of them).
Paste them all inside the custom unit - everything inside the top level unit’s subchains should come with them automatically.

For each global chain, create a linear custom control at the top of the custom unit. Set the gain on the linear custom control to 1.0. Then cut/paste each global chain’s contents into its new corresponding custom unit control. Then you’ll just need switch every place you’d assigned the global chain in the patch to its new local custom control chain. Those custom controls appear in “locals” vs. “globals” in the source select menu. Even though they’re termed “controls” they can contain audio or CV signals.

The only other place you have to worry about is if your patch has an input on the top level chain, since custom units don’t have an input connected. If so, you’ll need to create another custom control (set gain to 1.0) for the input and feed the input into it. You should still be able to do feedback into the patch this way by putting a mixer up front and then setting that input control to be it’s input.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to and examining this patch. Serge/Bulcha style is new territory for me. I’ve been looking through this patch. There are no oscillators!! I knew that filters could self oscillate but I’ve never seen them used quite like this. I also haven’t done a whole lot of feedback patching. So I’m learning a lot from this. :slight_smile: Appreciate the share and would definitely be interested in seeing more!


thanks Joe, very much appreciated - especially how to deal with global chains in a custom unit. Thats a huge help.

Yes, no oscillators - but a mighty fine bandpass filter and lots of new random units. Seriously, your bespoke units just opened a huge can of worms when it comes to patching west coast style.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the Cwejman Res 4, Serge Variable Q or Hordijk Twin Peak filter but these units now allow you to make them pretty much. You are also getting into Vocal/Formant type filters when chained and with the right patching.

I will be uploading a new drum machine called “Flam Drum” based on the Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter ideas - again its based on self oscillating bandpass filters, which is really based on Serge and the Serge Variable Q filter pinging. - here Flam Drum - a clicky, glitchy, drum machine


Glad it helped! I can’t quite describe how cool it is to see you taking these bespoke units and using them to create custom units that generate sound in a way that I only have a cursory understanding of. Gives me a little glimpse into how @odevices must feel sometimes watching videos of people doing cool things with his modules.

I don’t really know much at all about west coast style and associated modules. When I watch your videos I usually think “that’s really neat and interesting, and I have no idea what he’s doing!” :slight_smile: So these custom units you’re sharing are a great learning opportunity for me. Looking forward to checking out Flam Drum. Really fascinating to see the ER-301 opening up new territory for Eurorack too.

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