301 Manual?

Is there any published document with some basic info on how to use the module and its features ?

no manual yet, as the ecosystem is still evolving. your best bet is the lovely video series by @NeilParfitt

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If we find them helpful? Neil you are a lifesaver when it comes to exploration of this complex instrument.

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Thanks guys!

I’ll be adding some knew ones once the new GUI and custom units are firmed up.


your videos are absolutely awesome and helped me make the decision to buy this unit. The er301 will be my very first audio euro rack module (I have several Ciat-Lonbarde devices that I’m hoping to use with it, and my wife has a nice LZX video synth setup)

I’m hoping that eventually there will be a divide by N module!

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Yeah honestly, if I had been starting on modular now vs years ago, my system would be drastically different based on what the 301 currently offers!

Regarding the divide by n module, you never know … add it as a unit wish on the forum!