301 + Max/MSP (Gen~)

I’m plugging away on exactly those things. :slight_smile:


Did anyone end up making this happen?


I’m too interested on this and in RNBO, let’s see if someone here have something to say, I want to dive into but I don’t have the time to at this moment


I’ve never really delved into the repo, but the ER301 firmware is open source. If we can motivate people (including myself) here and on the Lines forum in the dedicated thread, we might be able to make it happen. I know C and C++ but only for small embedded programs or lightly modifying a firmware. Honestly, I have no idea about the overall structure of the ER-301, the work involved, or the optimizations that might have been made by Brian to ensure code generated by Gen can run on the 301 without hogging the processor too much (Managing audio buffers, clocks, synchronization, parameter controls, connecting all of that to a graphical interface…).

Edit: I hadn’t noticed that the thread was created by Tom Hall back in 2017 :slight_smile: Now that there’s RNBO and its cpp API, wouldn’t it be easier ? It would be so amazing to be able to create a template that generates Er-301 units from Max/RNBO. I’m really motivated to participate, at my level, and I’ll start by rereading this thread to see what has already been discussed, hehe.