301 - sidechain?

Hi everyone! Anyone had any luck making a compression / sidechain CU in the 301? Any recommendations on what building blocks to look into? Vca / envelope follower etc

You should be able to do it with just those, although it does depend on what type of compression you want, if you just want the ‘duck’ then:

One channel for audio (can be stereo) > vca > out

One channel for your kick straight to the out

Then route the output of the kick channel into the vca of the audio channel, invert the signal and you’re good to go

You could try placing an envelope on the ducking signal, but personally I would’t bother and just allow the dynamics of the kick to do the work.

Alternatively you could route the trigger for the kick to an envelope on your vca if you wanted more control over the dynamics.


I did an example of side chaining in this video from last year. An envelope follower of one signal is altering an EQ’s mid band gain on another sound… I think it’s in the middle…


Can’t wait to get support for unit input in custom units as a local input, will open up so many possibilities for compressors, limiters, transient processors, etc