301 + tape loop

DivKid just posted this video from a visit he payed to my studio in the fall. In it I give a very brief overview of one of the ways I use the 301 with guitar and the signal flow for the two reel to reels on a single tape loop.
I thought it might be of interest to the community here.


Thanks for sharing! Great sounds!

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One of the best demo/performance videos I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the very educational shared buffer tip!

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simply beautiful, thanks!!!

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Thanks so much for this @MFischer . I’ve been experimenting with the whole shared buffer between feedback looper and manual grains and its really great to see your workflow as well. One question for you: are there any tape units that aren’t as expensive as the nagra you would recommend for someone looking to get into tape delay and feedback? I love the sound of tape feedback, but I dont know enough about tape to look into anything than what I see other people using, which seems to be a really expensive nagra. Thanks!

Any tape machine that allows you to monitor from the tape can be used as a sound on sound tape looper/echo. Nagras are stupid expensive and nobody needs one unless you are a film sound recordist from the 1970’s.
My favorite machines are actually Teac decks. They have good strong motors, they are stereo and can still be serviced easily.
There are some Sony machines that have built in sound on sound modes which is amazing but sadly most Sony decks just haven’t held up as well as the Teac, Poineer or Akai decks that I’ve owned.
My main advice would be to not buy something blind over the internet. Get something that you can try out in person. Bring tape and something to plug into it. Reel to reels are heavy and finicky and the last thing you want is a end up with a giant hunk of dead weight in the corner of your studio.
Good luck and have fun.