301 Unit to invert a gate / change a normally open switch to normally closed?

Can any wizards help me use my normally open footswitch with the 301’s looper? Because the switch is normally open, the trigger event happens when I let up on the switch, not when I depress the switch. I want to invert the gate so that it triggers on the depress.

Is this currently possible inside the 301?

If not, is there a nice 2hp module that would invert the gate? Would an Intellijel OR do the trick?

Put a LINEAR VCA unit after the footswitch and set its level parameter to -1. Then you can either put an OFFSET unit after that and bring the inverted gate back up to unipolar levels (above zero) or you can just adjust the threshold of the destination trigger down into the negative range.


Perfect! Thanks, Brian. :raised_hands:

I knew there was something I was missing. I had tried all the utility units EXCEPT for the Lin VCA. I had forgotten that the Lin VCA is bipolar!

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That reminds me that I need to add a unipolar VCA because sometimes it is hard to completely close a bipolar VCA.