301 won't turn on - help

Hey guys, Brian

So I’ve modded my 301 to talk to teletype and it’s been great for weeks until today when the 301 just refused to turn on. Detached it from the Teletype and still no go. :worried:

I then switched the power toggle to 5v and it turns on but will refuse to do so in normal setting.

What’s wrong with my module? Thanks for you help.

Can you clarify this part please? 5V source switch has REG and BUS settings. Also does “turns on” mean it works?

yes so the toggle was on ‘USB’ originally everything was fine. “turns on” means works as in turns itself on when you power it. (in my case just blank screens)

So just did some test when toggle is on “BUS” mode, powers properly but then I add a sin oscillator tweak a few parameters and then reboots itself. Did that a few times already.


You had your 5V source set to USB? :thinking: Were you providing 5V power via a USB cable?

Did you make any changes to your case before all of this started happening?

No that’s how it was set when I received it, no change to the case.

Your ER-301 can not power up in the USB setting. You should have it in the REG setting which is how I ship it.

Ok I could have sworn it was in USB settings I’ll try again in REG mode thanks for you help

UPDATE: working again in REG mode, I’m perplexed (and relieved). thanks sorry for the drama, not sure what happened.