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301FAM alpha


This is still very much unfinished, but I thought I’d share this early to get input. Hence the ‘alpha’…

I’ve implemented most of DFAM’s architecture with my 301, the high pass is not yet there. Some nice options, like crossfading between saw and pulse waveforms as opposed to a switch.

Will have to play more to see what needs to be tweaked and how useful of a concept this will turn out to be.

EDIT: the demo has a very sketchy triggering arrangement, which I’m figuring affects the sound a bit, glitching it out… :smiley: but you get an idea from the video.

One thing to realize is that the controls are currently set up for a faderbank, so for instance the decay portion of the envelope and the lowpass filter cutoff are both set to zero. these need to be turned up to get a sound out of this. They’re both at the top level of controls. Will have to figure out a way to set the initial state of the unit in a friendly way.

301FAM.unit (78.1 KB)


whats up fam


cool, gonna check this out

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Nice! I wrote some notes on how to actually get sound out, see my first post :slight_smile:

Nice! I was just about to attempt a dfam patch and decided to search here first! I’ll dig into it tonight.

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