301's Wiki from the Module

Due to the fact I don’t get to play with my 301 as much as I would like to I often forget what a parameters or a unit does. Ok maybe I am also getting old too…

I have been thinking about this a bit and with 2 screens I am sure there has to be a way to view the parameter/unit wiki within the 301. It’s more of a matter of fitting the button combination elegantly.
Now I know one can always use their phone, tablet or laptop but I think this is a missed opportunity that would come in hand especially for Custom Units made by users.
This feature combined with a community push towards completing the wiki for existing units would be of great help to current and new users I believe.

What do you guys think?

Are you suggesting that with a parameter focused and an elegant button combination gesture, you would be prompted with instruction and direction in how editing the parameter would effect the unit performance?

My first thought is, that would be a lot of text to enter on the module itself and is probably best edited on a computer.

Also, the wiki includes a lot of graphs and illustrations, callout boxes etc. It would be a lot more difficult to provide information that clear in plain text.


That’s true, maybe for the CU it would be best to be able to open the file in a text editor and add them from the computer.
It wouldn’t have to include everything either of course. Just a brief description of the control would be cool.

I personally find that it takes me a bit out of the mood having to open the browser, go to the website, open the wiki, choose the module then navigate to the wiki. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad it’s there, but it would be great to have that information (or a concise summary of it) a 301 button click away.

I could see this being a useful Post-v1.0 implementation.
The idea of anyone trying to stay on top of internalized documentation of a feature set that is changing day-to-day gives me anxiety.

I’m also of the ilk that loves to print out huge 100+ page manuals for gear, put them in their own binder, and have them on hand for when I do deep dives into that particular piece of gear. It’s something I could see myself doing for the v1.0 release.


I have all the manuals in one binder on a music stand directly beside my music desk…

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