4 Voice Round Robin Sample Player

So I made a round robin sample player custom unit. It is very similar to joe’s unit. It has an envelope attached with attack, gate length and decay. It works best with trigger inputs, as it converts any gates to triggers anyway. It also requires Joe’s accents for its timed gate unit. The custom unit includes a control called count, it in only used internally and shouldn’t be adjusted.

I mainly made this because I have been using my digitakt to sequence and have minimal midi to cv outputs. If I want a poly voice and another sequenced voice in my system I need round robin. Hopefully soonish I can get an expander for my midi to cv to get 16 channels. then again the ports on the 301 are at a premium, so I might continue to use this even with more midi to cv. I really wish I had midi to i2c.

The unit currently doesn’t have sample and hold on the envelope parameters, meaning if you change them per step it will change for all voices. This is easy enough to implement though, as it is implemented for pitch and you should be able to just copy and paste that on the envelope modulators.

I haven’t looked at the cpu usage by itself but it is less than %50. hope y’all enjoy.

Round Robin Sample.unit (88.6 KB)