4 Voice stepping Sin Synthesizer

Here’s the Custom Unit Preset with JUST the sin sound source:

All you have to do is add a custom unit and load the preset:

4stepsin.lua.zip (5.5 KB)

1/V pitch is expected at A1

Step on/off, Pitch grab, and release time can be controlled from the front of the custom unit - or use below which is setup to expect a gate:

Steps 1 to 4 on/off toggle: GATE 1 - 4
Steps 1 to 4 pitch grabber: A2, B2, C2, D2
Steps 1 to 4 Release time: A3, B3, C3, D3

NOTE: Be sure that when when switching steps, to select a different direction and NOT turn off the current step so no steps are lit. If that happens the modes freak out (oops). If this happens (all steps light up), turn off the <-> step then turn off and on the <<< step and you’ll be ok.


Volume: Pre-Delay volume of entire patch
Delay: Wet/Dry of tempo delay
1v/o: Pitch input
Speed: Speed of sequencer

← backwards steps
<–> pendulum steps
→ forward steps

Grab1: assign pitch to step 1
Grab2: assign pitch to step 2
Grab3: assign pitch to step 3
Grab4: assign pitch to step 4

On 1: Step 1 on/off
On 2: Step 2 on/off
On 3: Step 3 on/off
On 4: Step 4 on/off

Rel 1: Release time for Step 1
Rel 2: Release time for Step 2
Rel 3: Release time for Step 3
Rel 4: Release time for Step 4

Step: No touchy this fader!! :slight_smile: This is a container for the stepping modes so they show up as a local signal


Thanks so much!

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This is amazing and fully deserves to be in it’s own custom unit thread!!

Thank you for sharing :smiley:


I’ll make a Diagram breakdown of this patch too

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Seems like another candidate for a new local control type could perhaps be ‘hidden’? I can see this kind of thing coming in useful, or perhaps an advanced section of local controls?


I posted a similar thought a week ago, although your idea of a completely hidden local would be better!

Ahhh… that’s what that was about hehe :joy_cat:

Here’s the Sampler Version.

I swapped out the 4 x grains for a looper and 4 x sample players. It actually sounds better and uses significantly less resources!

I’ll attach the patch, just need to label a few internals for clarity.


Thank you very much Neil for sharing this. You are far far away from me…i hope one day i could do something like this thing.

This is freaking incredible Neil thanks for this!

Thanx a lot Neil, this is awesome.


That’s great, many thanks Neil.

Have I missed the attachment of the patch, or has that not yet happened? (the latter, looper and sample player patch that is)

ah sorry - I’ve been ripping my studio apart today and totally forgot. I’ll let you know when I have it posted! :slight_smile:

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Certainly no need for apology! Was just wondering if I’d missed it somewhere amongst the split threads etc. From what I’ve seen of your studio a ripping apart no small task…I’ll check back in a couple of weeks! :wink:

great, looking forward

Hi Neil,
thanks for this custom unit… (and the heavy lift) …going to give it a try today.
i also need to set up and assign a buffer correct?
last (more convoluted question)… would this also be considered ‘hocketing’? i’m curious if this patch could be used for something akin to the Intellijel SHIFTY… (now thinking for modulation source stepping)…

really love this unit. is it working on the actual os? this would be just super nice !
cheers simon