4ms DLD emu?

hi guys/gals
i’m into my echophon, but keep seeing dld vids that make me think of swapping them out. hence my question,
can the 301 come close to this? i use mine (301) as a neato looper, teamed up with pamela’s workout (gnü) and i know it can get close, but-
as far as the 100% feedback style looping on the dld, can the 301 do this? when i have wet/dry at 50% and overdub at 20-50%, it seems to keep overwriting the old and be too quiet on the new stuff to mimic the DLD. so i figured i’d ask, is this possible? looping new sounds at normal volume and keeping old ones infinitely.


Following the thread. One of the reasons I bought the ER-301 was my hopes it could prevent me from getting a DLD (while giving me an infinite number of other options as well). I haven’t had too much time with the unit so I didn’t set it up yet, but I’m curious what other think!


this is entirely possible. just depends what you want. Likely you’re talking longer buffer times

Fripptronics unit has been on my list!!!
maybe this is the nudge i need