4track drum machine


Can someone please help?

i’ve set up 4 separate chains as global chains for my drum machine. kick/snare/hi-hat/percussion I use two sample player in each chain for creating polyphony, ghost notes, flams, choke groups etc. I also use EQs, FXs, filters, VCAs in tandem with most sample players. I’m also routing audio from outside into the er-301 and mixing it.

I’ve set the drum machine up like this as it was the only way i could think of recording everything on a separate channels within er-301

add sidechain on top and cpu is maxing out.

is there a more efficient way to set things up?

Off the top of my head, nothing jumps out as inefficient. It’s hard to tell for sure without more detail, though. You can have a look at the list of estimated CPU usage for each unit that @a773 created.

This might tell you what’s using your CPU.

One thing that might help. If some of your FX are basically static and not being modulated in real time, you could consider resampling the effected samples and then remove the FX.

For example if you have a static EQ3 on your kick, you could re-sample the kick through the EQ3 unit, then replace your un-effected sample with the effected one. Then remove the EQ3 unit so it’s not consuming CPU.


CPU load depends only on the number and type of units used. Routing has no effect.

Some other ideas:

  • Use the 48kHz firmware.
  • If you don’t need to repitch your samples in real-time then use 48kHz samples with the Raw Player (the cheapest way to playback samples on the ER-301).

You might save a lot of CPU by using only one of each effect and just building a mixer with effects sends per channel.


appreciate the advice. Resampling is definitely the way to go. Thanks

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Thanks for the advice. how would i go about setting up a bus that i can send signals to?

i usually try to put my dry audio channels in global channels. then you can just set up a bunch of mixers before your effect and pull all the globals in, with individual VCAs for send amount if you need.