6 track recorder and DC offset

hi everybody, i’ve got this simple and most probably dumb question —

since now my workflow involves recording into the 4-track Tascam 464 tape machine I found to be very convenient to later dump the recordings into the ER-301’s 6-track recorder using individual track outputs on the 464, having previously loaded the 96khz firmware to comply with how my DAW is set up.
However in the recordings I’m consistently seeing a healthy amount of DC offset, most probably generated by the 464 and perfectly captured by the 301. I can’t seem to be able to do the HPF trick here because well, it’s 6-track recorder.

Any immediate workarounds you folks could think about? And @odevices — maybe it’s worth to include an option for the 6-track recorder to add a HPF in the record chain?

Thank you!

hm, but you could just add the hpf on your four chains and record the output of the chains right? i assume you route the inputs directly to the 6track recorder, instead add the hpf on all four tracks and route the output of the tracks to the 6track.


brilliant. i haven’t thought about that!!! i clearly need to spend more time with the 301 to fathom its ways. thank you!!!