6 track recorder freeze!

Hi and thanks for the support.
looper in:in1 out:out 1
track recorder: in1:out1
recorder/er301 freeze needs restart
any views?

update: recorder freezes even without the looper…

  • What version?
  • Please specify the button press that causes the freeze.

Thank you!

record button (S2) (records one sec and then freeze)

Thank you!

  • Everytime?
  • How are your tracks configured?

yes all times.
simple configuration just one input

The 6-track recorder has never worked for you?

probably once, when testing, can’t remember very well.
have the 301 only a week now…

Can you try this for me please?

  • Inside the ER-301/recorded folder on your front SD card, please delete any file that is called tmp-N.wav where N is an integer.

sample pool and then?

Please bring the front SD card over to your PC and do it there.

done, you want me to test the rec again now?

Yes please.

! it works…thank you very much!

I suspect that it wasn’t a freeze but rather it was taking a long time looking for some free clusters on your SD card. FAT32 is finicky like that.


it just happened to me too! cool that I had read this topic beforehand. :smiley:

I had just deleted the temp files but it happened again :frowning:

Try copying everything off, format the card and copy everything back.

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Why is the STORAGE switch in the eject position?

Oh, nevermind. Perspective.

Im having a similar problem and the above fixes don’t seem to be working. recording seems to last a maximum of 15 second and then freezes.

In the recording folder i’m left with a tmp file with 0 bytes of data… when its recording is running the I/O light is flashing constantly until one longer flash then the freeze happens.

Any ideas? apart from this the device has been solid - such an amazing bit for kit that arrive just in time for V0.3!

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