6 track recorder help

I can not figure out how to use this. I am on fw 4.27.
I am simply trying to record 1 mono track of external audio into track 1.
In admin area i select 6 tracck recorder & select input 1.

First problem is that i can not get output 1 to let me listen to the input.
Second problem is that there is no way to play back the recorded audio.
I can not find any documentation on using the 6 track recording and have spent over an hour trying to figure it out.

Could someone please tell me how to achieve such a basic result ? It is not intuitive to me.

The channel tracks (e.g. OUT1) are not by default assigned to any input. So if you want to monitor an external input coming in on IN1 on OUT1, you’ll need to go the front of channel 1’s chain, and assign IN1 there.

To play back recorded audio, you can insert a Card Player unit onto one of the channel chains that’s connected to your speakers and select the file you recorded in the 6 track recorder (after saving it). The 6 track recorder doesn’t have a player.

That help?

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Ok i will try this. I have been jumping between fw versions and cant seem to remember any basics after not using the 301. For quite some time.

I will try this now. Thank you so much. And btw I feel embarissingly dumb, but i know feeling that wont help me !

Is it impossible to monitor the input coming out of the output live when using the 6 track rec ? Im not able to hear it even after assigning input in user mode…when i scroll to output, i see the meter active for a split second then it shows no activity…

So do i need to mult my audio to a seperate external mixer chanel just to hear what im recording ? I hope not …

You can monitor and record with the 6 track at the same time. I do it all the time.

Are you able to monitor the input from one of the channel chains before you do anything with the 6 track recorder?

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Hmmm. Just got the output working somehow. I feel stupid !

Another problem i was having is i would go to sample pool and load a sample and see it’s waveform but pressing play just alternates between pause and no movement or playback.
I would have thought pressing a button with the play icon would play a sample…but it just says pause or nothing. No playback.

I must be brain dead. I wouldnt doubt it considering amount of damage ive suffered without any health care !

I really wish there was a basic manual for this. It seems that whatever i want to do in the rare times i attempt to use this thing, that it is undocumented in the red of the wiki and everyone keeps saying the 301 is so intuitive…

Btw, im not complaining…its just depressing sometimes

Cool! Glad you got it working. No reason to feel stupid. If you have a question, just ask. It’s not always intuitive. But it’s pretty intuitive after you’ve successfully done it once!

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So it depends on the play mode in the sample player. If you have it set to play once you have to retrigger the sample player for it to play. If you have it set to repeat your sample will loop over and over. The play and pause button is more for slicing and editing samples rather than triggering them.

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Thanks everyone ! Im going to be retraining myself on the er301 over the next couple weeks. Gonna go through every video and the wiki step by step and write my own manual hopefully. Ive apparently become quite forgettfull lately.
Take care everone.

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Is the only place i can remove the huge dc offset only in the 6 track recorder ?. I am so confused…i thought i would be able to simply use the recorder to record something and play it back without having to menu dive and then the original sound being changed…

I’ve never experienced the 6 track recorder adding any kind of offset or altering the signal. It records what I send it.

If you’re having trouble with a DC offset, try this.

  1. Connect your external signal to IN1 jack
  2. Set the input for channel 1 to IN1 as you did before
  3. Insert a Fixed HPF unit right after the IN1 signal to remove DC offset
  4. Now in the 6 track recorder, instead of setting it to record IN1, set it to record OUT1

You’ll be recording the the signal as it appears on OUT1, which is IN1 processed by the HPF.