6 track recorder - increase to 8 or 10 tracks?

Hi Brian,

I’ve been using the 6 track recorder heavily recently to record the stems of a complete session (because I’m using the ER301 as a mixer amongst other things) & it is fantastic!!
As is always the way Im now wishing I had a couple more extra tracks in the recorder - is it a possibility in a future firmware to increase the number of tracks that can be recorded simultaneously to say a maximum of 10 tracks or is there an architectural/system or performance limitation?


I just wanted to bump this, as I also was wondering if there is anything limiting this. I have really been enjoying how easy it is to multitrack jams (post-fade!) within the er-301, but when using stereo modules the 6 tracks can be somewhat limiting :slight_smile:

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In the meantime you can record more tracks with Loopers. Just set it to have a really long buffer.

Can these looper buffers be written directly to the card?

My desire to have a 10 track recorder hasn’t gone away & would be a huge benefit for both studio & live work.

After recording to them you can save them to a card, yes. Just go into admin and buffer pool and you can save any buffers you have. I’m not sure if you can record a linked stereo pair in a looper though.

Thanks, unfortunately due to my patch already using pretty much the entire memory for other sample back I don’t think I can have several hours of additional stereo loopers

That makes sense. Having more tracks would be nice. Most of the time I lose focus or interest in a patch before I reach the limits. BTW the video you did with mylar melodies is what led me to get an ER-301. Love your music, and I can start seeing why you needed two ER-301s.

Also the 1u modules you use to do drum fills inspired me to prototype a 1u switch that can switch between two inputs, in my case drum gates, and mute them.

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Many thanks!! Glad it gave you some ideas! :+1:

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It won’t work on all SD cards but here you go: