6 track recorder

Hi Brian,

I kind of like the idea of the 6 track recorder; to have a separate "recording area. Perhaps the 6 track recorder could be made even better ?

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a few features to the 6 track recorder ? In situations when I am jamming with, let’s say, 4 sequenced channels on the Er-301, it would be great to be able to quickly record all channels at once in a precisely defined length, tempo in sync. And also record several passes as the jam progress, quickly saving them while jamming without having to define name of file /place of file all the time. Maybe a autoname feature, where you only have to name a file/place a file in the folder system at the first save.

Concretely I am thinking, if it would be possible to use the define recording length (time/beats), clock input features from the loopers or something similar?

I know something similar could be set up with loopers but it seem to fiddly IMO.

English is my 2nd language so forgive me if the ideas are not 100% clear.
Cheers !


There might already be similar feature requests. Could you please tell me what you are trying to do? Or how you would use this?


Sure thing, let me try to explain it: I would like to be able to do jams with 3-4 Er-301 tracks running - Whenever I reach a moment during the jam, when tracks sounds awesome, I would like to be able to quickly go to the recorder and record all tracks synced in tempo, at a defined loop length - for example 8 bars. Then quickly save the files to a defined folder location, and return to the jam again. Possibly repeat this process, so that in the end I have a folder with various loops, that does not need to be trimmed.

I think it would be awesome with a clock input, to be able to define recording length in bars, to be able to start a recording on perfect beat, and a function, that automatically stop the recording when the defined range of recorded bars are reached. And then after recording files get automatically saved to a defined folder location, you can return to your jam and continue.

As OS is now I record loops in DAW, edit loops in DAW, and import them back into the ER-301. It would be fantastic to be able to skip the DAW in order to keep a good creative flow while jamming on the ER-301.

I believe any audio buffer can be saved to file, so your desired workflow may already be possible using 3-4 looper units which share controls. The downside would be the need to individually save the buffers to file. This should work in conjunction with using the 6-track recorder for session recording. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!

In my opinion, it would work well with extended functions of the 6-track recorder as I tried to describe, but still keeping the 6 track recorder simple, quick and streamlined to record with - no matter how advanced the patch get.

Got to admit I still miss extended 6-track recorder functions as described above. Perhaps mostly “to be able to start/end a recording on perfect beat” :cowboy_hat_face: