6-track recording in STEREO?

Short version:

  • Is it possible to record a stereo channel to just one stereo audio file?

  • Alternatively: is it possible to load two separate mono files as a stereo sample in a sample player?

long version:

I have been traveling with my ER-301 micro-system and it was a hugely gratifying and satisfying experience. I only had my little modular and a Zoom H4n Pro and was able to really focus on music making right on the spot, on a couch with no other tools. One process that I have been playing with was simple overdubbing in stereo, but couldn’t find a way to set it up right inside the ER-301. What I ended up doing was recording to a stereo file in my Zoom recorder, putting that file on my phone and transferring it to the ER-301 card (I had no laptop). Needless to say, that’s a little tedious. The 6 track recorder has six tracks and generates mono files as far as I can tell. Am I missing something or is this a feature request?

If the 6 tracks are strictly mono, then the problem could also be solved by loading two separate mono files as one stereo file in a sample player, and then using it for the overdubbing recording, but that doesn’t seem possible either since a stereo sample player only has one file assignment menu (as far as I can tell)

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In the 6 track recorder place the cursor between two mono channels and press enter… voilà a stereo channel!

/Edit: i’m not sure if it is possible to record several stereo channels to one file if you meant that


Ugh, I knew it had to be possible!! Thanks man, that’s terrific :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

AAAAAH thanks! i was looking for it last nite but was in a hurry so i recorded two mono and then edited them in ableton.

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Bwahaha, I have always recorded two mono tracks and then merged them to stereo in the computer :grinning:


Hahah, so cool I’m not alone here :smile:

There is no clue in the interface as far as I can tell, so you just need to know. How did @elias know…? :thinking:

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There are 2 clues! :loudspeaker:



I meant there is no clue for the clueless… :wink: I suppose the keyword “link” wasn’t obvious to me while I was looking for stereo/mono options.


Is this any better?




would “enter” between two “stereo links” end up recording a quad poly wav ? (not a feature request :wink: )

Haha, I guess that’s actually why “link” is somehow confusing. Are there wav specs that support files like this? I would have thought not, but I guess that’s maybe what true surround recording is all about? 5.1, 7.1 specs anyone?

It’s pretty standard… linking L/R channels or de-linking… non-interleaved vs interleaved etc…

.wav supports more than 2 channels for ages as far as i know. In some applications (recorders) it is handy, but since people you hand the files to can really only assume the relationship between channels and loudspeakers, you often end up sending individual mono files with clear labeling of the speaker position in their name (ie. frontLeft, frontRight, backLeft, etc…). “Linking” is indeed a standard term everywhere there is a possibility to use discrete channels in a multichannel (stereo or more) configuration and some sharing of controls makes sense.
Wrt the thread title you would be recording a maximum of 3 stereo pairs with the 6 track recorder. ^^’

Me that also. Never knew that existed in the box…should have realised there would be an elegant solution!


Thanks for that information. I don’t consider myself anywhere near being a sound specialist and I’m always happy to be generously provided with audio wisdom when I decide to ask a stupid question on this forum :smile: Still, considering the regular users in this thread who didn’t realize linking to stereo files was possible, maybe it makes sense to make it more visible in the UI as suggested by @odevices above.


Just to clarify to avoid confusion: You are linking two mono tracks to create a stereo track, not “linking to a stereo file”. By the way, the same terminology is also used on the face plate with its 3 link LEDs between the 4 channels to indicate when you are working with stereo output chains.



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just did this. and am excited about recording… but the volume settings on both are so to -160db and I can’t see how to change that

That is not a volume setting. Those are loudness meters.

so how should i boost the signal to make it audible? it is quiet but not inaudible from the outs, which is what i am trying to record

First, why is your signal so quiet? Second, why would you boost in the recording but not on the OUTx channel?

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