A couple of module requests

I don’t have a 301 yet but I’ve watched a lot and tried to read as much as possible so I may be missing information but I have a couple things I’d love to use at some point

a flipflop for toggling
a couple flip flops and 3 or 4 trigger inputs plus some maths modules (which I see have already been requested) can be a lot of fun

a random pulse module
variable in length of pulse and approximate time between pulses

a storage module
where you can store a voltage and have separate up and down trigger/gate inputs that bring the voltage up or down depending on how long the respective input is triggered for

divide by N (counter)
for use with both pulses and audio waveforms. Counting the number of times a threshold has been crossed and outputting a gate/trigger

would be super useful as a building block

waveshaper (I’m sure I’m not the first to ask for this or most of these)
different modes of wave shaping would be awesome
up to a variable threshold then back down
up to a variable threshold and then immediately start back at the beginning

thank you so much