A few ER-301 utilities

I have been getting to know my way around the ER-301 lately and have a few custom units that I wanted to share. I’ve put them up on Github: https://github.com/bgribble/er301-utils

Nothing super impressive compared with the cool stuff that has been shared here, but I think it’s interesting to look at how people are building their patches… these are pretty simple for the most part and might be of interest to people getting started like me.

They are mostly CV utilities – period-to-V/oct, gate-to-toggles, R/S/T flipflop, trigger-to-gate – and one “instrument”, a hihat with pedal and stick inputs with (semi-) realistic interactions.

If you aren’t a Github user, it’s pretty easy to download the files individually, or you can install Git software on your computer and sync the whole repository, which I plan to keep updating.