A few hold mode ideas

Previous active pinset % reacts if they’re all sharing same pins.

Let’s say I have 2 pinsets sharing the same controls.

Currently if I’m at 100% on Ie: pinset A, if I start to adjust pinset B from 0 to ie: 90%, it would be helpful to see Pinset A’s % readout adjust down to 10%.

Trigger output in locals from pinsets if there’s movement.

Could be useful if you’re controlling a bunch of slicers, being able to immediately retrigger the player after a slice change from a pinset if the pinset fader is moved. Hrmm … maybe this is a bad Idea. Oh well.

Reset Targets Lockout

Once things are dialed in and tweaked, the ability to disable updating targets. Would be good as an option while holding an M down on a full pinset or maybe global to the channel if there was a leftmost pinset header.


One more thought…

If you create ie: pinset A and B from within hold mode it looks like this:

If you assign pins to them, but then remove them you see this:

Would be good if newly created empty pinsets also looked like this in hold mode.

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I think you might have something there! :laughing:

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Slackin’ over there :laughing:

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