A little help needed! is there a way to have a gate control a level momentarily to put it a zero?

I’m trying to have a gate bring down a level to 0 when it is high then no effect when low.
The level is also being controlled externally by SC.CV fader…
It’s basically to try to control feedback so when punching in (gate hi) the level is put to 0 so no feeback, then returns to it’s regular level when gate low.
I don’t know if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’m fairly new to this so hopefully its simple! thx

Just use a VCA with a bias of 1 and a gain of -1. That way when the gate is high the VCA is closed, and when the gate is low the VCA is open.


great thanks @warpigs330 that works… but it does introduce some clicks, is there a way to stop this? I’m guessing an envelope of sorts? how would i attach it to the vca?

Use a slew limiter

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yeah, where you assign the gate to the VCA just put an envelope or slew limiter after the gate input.

I’d recommend to also try the linear sampling vca in accents from @Joe .

Perhaps this could help clear up some of the gaps in your understanding of how to build patches like these?

Thanks all for the info, this is perfect I’ve been able to achieve what I was going for