A question about Custom Unit Local sources

Hi Brian,

I have a question about Locals. I’m noticing you can essentially assign a Local control to the source control of the same Local control at the outermost level of a custom unit. Is there a situation where this would be practical or would it create some sort of multi-dimensional rift / paradox / Loop? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just tried it, and the CV flies off the scale never to be seen again. I guess this is a feedback loop of sorts?



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I was wondering why donuts and marbles started falling from the sky here in Tokyo…

Did you go to the Robot Bar? If it was to happen … it would be there! :slight_smile:

Haha. I think I’ve lived here too long to be able to go to the Robot Bar without cringing painfully.


I think it’s meant to be painful… a tour de force of all the senses + tacky vegas casino all rolled together with sparkle lasers and taikos !:fearful:

(I’ve never laughed so hard with confusion though!)

Will I be able to create wormholes with my 301? If not, can you add it as a feature request? Thanks Brian
Mi eyes are burning :cold_sweat:

that’s exactly the image burned into my retinas! It was insane. hahaha!