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A773 bespoke units

AD: 1.52% (CU: 3.15%)
AD Exp: 1.83% (CU: 4.57%)
AD Exp2: 1.53%
Decay: 0.70%
Decay Exp: 0.76%
Decay Exp2: 0.83%
Gain: mono 0.04%, stereo 0.11%
Gate: 0.29%
Gate Soft: 0.49%
Parabolic: 0.03%
Stepped Random: 0.69% (CU: 1.12%, AccentsPingedScaledRandom: 1.78%)


  1. Download a773-0.0.1.pkg
  2. Copy to SD card + install from 0.6 package manager

I started with the two of my custom units I used the most: ad exp (attack-decay envelope with exponential-like response) and stepped random. I also made additional versions of the ad exp, one with linear response, and one with double exponential-like response + decay-only versions.

All follow the same UI: input to the left, output to the right, very basic UI.

Looking forward to working with these, as they should drop CPU usage and load times by quite a bit.


Wow really great ! Thank you a lot !


You’re welcome! I’m sure they will be super useful for me, just glad if others can use them a bit.

Obviously any feedback appreciated from people that tried them out.


gonna test 'em very soon! thanks for sharing!! very curious about the double expo response on decay! if this works similar to the very sharp curves on maths i will probably put out a new version of Baron Cimitière with it on pitch duties!


Note that it’s also exponential attack. Hope you find it useful😏

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usually i use near 0 attack for the pitch envelopes of percussions!

Sound like me, hence the cheap decay :smirk:

…although its always great to modulate the attack as well!

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Nice work, these look really useful!

To be pedantic, I would call these curves parabolic not exponential but let’s be real who can hear the difference.

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Yeah elsewhere I was referring to them as exponential-ish. I think you’re right we’re here for the feel not the math, but I think I’ll make a note in the readme.

Edit, well decided not to mention in readme, seems out of place to elaborate in a with this little info in the first place. In the second post in this thread I changed “exponential” to “exponential-like”, that’s good enough for me…

OT, not sure how many eurorack envelopes labeled exponential would pass a scientific test and keep that label…


in fact i think Maths goes beyond exponential if you tweak it full clockwise. i tried many (software and hardware) attack\decay envelopes for percussion pitch shaping and still maths is my fave for that snappy whip-like character, especially when crafting kick drums (maths to oscillator v\oct or exponential fm in)
i recorded some envelopes in the 301 to use them with sample players when i want exactly that shape and don’t have spare maths channels :slight_smile: cv recording and playback (and processing) is another area where the 301 excels.

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Updated the ad* units, fixed issue with fast retriggering. (thanks to @tomf )…


Sweet! These are all really useful. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, hope you make good use of them!

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So useful! Thank you very much.

Would it be possible to reduce the names of your units, something like “A773 AD” just to have a clever interface ? :slight_smile:

If you make a complete and coherent naming suggestion and no one else objects, I can rename them no problem…

I think the biggest thing is just the directory name, since it gets prefixed on every unit. If they were all in a dir called A773 then it wouldn’t take up so much space in the unit menu.

As for unit names, sticking to the naming convention of the built ins would be nice i.e. capitalize words and separate with spaces.


Not sure exactly what you guys mean, might give it a shot anyhow…

I’m a773 not A773, so that (lowercase) stays, conventions or not…

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Ah that checks out. Here’s a picture of my unit insert screen to show:


Since the name is so long it takes up 3 tiles, could get it down to just one or two by renaming the directory.

Edit: the underscores also prevent line breaks since it’s treated as a word character.

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