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A773 presets (.unit files)


I put a few presets on github, humble start, more to come.

  • ad (AD envelope)
  • ad exp (AD envelope, exponential response)
  • ad exp var (AD envelope, variable exponential response)
  • gated burst
  • gate to trigger
  • mono to stereo 1
  • mono to stereo 2
  • poor mans reverb 1
  • poor mans reverb 2
  • cheap reverb

Feedback welcome.



both look very useful, gonna try it soon and give feedback!

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i hope you don’t mind:

i’ll also add your screenshots here so that the wiki can reference and show them as pictures.

Gated Burst:
Gate to Trigger:

I love that you’ve chosen to build them as “Following Generator” presets, i.e. that they take gates from the left of the custom unit! When i had to figure out in which (current) category of the wiki they would fit i placed a 4 band container in front of them that injects a stereo input (@ ins 1&2) from a drum computer into the er301. i was happy to learn that the audio input from the left was processed by your units. the resulting output was unsurprisingly mono (left) but audible! in an instant, weird ideas for further experiments came to my mind, which i didn’t try yet.

(however, it might not be obvious to all other users, that you would have to feed the intended gates from the left of the CU (in contrast to having them being patched in via a mixer unit within the CU): i’d recommend to add this information to the documentation on github…)

great presets! keep 'em coming!

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Thanks! I’m still unclear on a lot of the best practices, and even possibilities in the er-301…



Added a cheap (but decent) reverb (7.2% CPU), works on stereo channel, but only mono in, mono out.

The size control adds a bit weight (6x VCAs), CPU is 7.2%, might consider making several fixed size presets, to get back to a healthy 6.5%…



Added two mono to stereo units, a cheap and an expensive one…



Added tree envelopes:

  • ad (AD envelope)
  • ad exp (AD envelope, exponential response)
  • ad exp var (AD envelope, variable exponential response)


great! driving the Ladder LPF this gives pretty believable approximation of an LPG, too. thanks!



Glad you found it useful! If you use it in full exponential mode (exp=1), ad exp.unit (without control over exp) is a bit lighter on the CPU :slight_smile:



Added two variations of the “poor mans reverb” from @NeilParfitt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swXpnqot4-Q)

Demo of old, slightly broken version:

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