Abcd rows 2,3 emmitting red light

Hi, i turned my ER-301 on today and found that rows 2, 3 three for all four columns A through D are all emitting red lights regardless of the inputs, and thought… well fuck something must be wrong…

anyone have any idea what this might be?


update: I tried a different psu, updating to the latest firmware (i was on .4.25, and set it to .4.26). and tried plugging in ext CV’s to these inputs, and they arent reading anything other than highly negaltive voltage. same results… now im getting worried.

Seems weird. You sure all the red stripes on all your power ribbon cables are facing the right direction?

Don’t accidentally have the polarity reversed on any module in that case?

Yeah theyre all facing the right way. it only appeared this morning, with no movement from any modules in several weeks.

Also I tested the er-301 in a seperate case just before, it was by itself with the same results.

Wish I knew what to tell you to try next but you already tried exactly what I would have. Hopefully @odevices will see this soon. I’d leave it turned off until then.

One other random thought. Do you have an older rev 7 board that included the switch for 5V power selection? Could it have gotten moved?

I checked to see if it had moved because i had that problem once with a trogotronic PSU, but it was on reg. heres a pic of the back side

Looks like it’s in the recommended position. It seems like a power related issue, maybe. I don’t know what to tell you to try next though. :unamused:

its ok :frowning:

i appreciate your help though, it cheered me up a bit.

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I’m experiencing the same issues with my ER-301, but it only started after I switched to a new case. My previous case was made of plastic and so the DC jack was separate from the rails and my 3.5mm jack for my 16n was just floating loose not touching anything.

My new case is made of metal and I started getting a crazy light show on the ABCD inputs when nothing was plugged into them and the 16n was connected. Here’s a video where I’m jiggling the power input and suddenly the lights will go nuts. :

Before this started happening I also noticed that my when I go into the input selection screen the G inputs had a ton of noise on them even when I had nothing plugged into them. Here’s a video where you can see the noise and how it is intermittent when I jiggle the power cable:

So, I emailed both @odevices (haven’t heard back yet) and the maker of my new case. The case-maker said it could be that my power jack was faulty but also that it could be that I need a plastic jack to separate it from the metal case, though he didn’t think that was the issue since other customers of his also had an ER-301 and never had any issues.

So, I went to my local electronics stores and bought both metal and plastic replacement power jacks (I wasn’t able to find a plastic 3.5 TRS jack). First, I disconnected the i2c cables from the ER-301. Then I tried the replacement metal power jack and while there was no longer an intermittent issue (to be clear, power was always constant, just this ‘grounding’ issue was intermittent) with the G inputs, the noise was still present. So, I then swapped out for the plastic jack and boom, the noise on the G inputs was gone.

But then when I reconnected the i2c cables (which has a metal jack connected to the case) to the ER-301 I could see a little bit of noise on the G inputs (definitely less than in that video) UNTIL I powered up the 16n with the USB power and then the G inputs showed no more noise. I haven’t had a chance to do any deep playing with the ER-301 and 16n since then, but it has been sitting powered on on my desk for a couple hours and I haven’t gotten the ABCD light show since.

Would love to hear from Brian though. Should I be concerned about there being shorts or grounding now that the jack is isolated from the case? Should I be concerned about the noise I see on the G inputs before I turn on the 16n, is there a potential for a short there? Should I be hunting down a plastic 3.5m jack for that too?

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Are you experiencing any problems on IN1-4, A1, B1, C1, and D1? The reason why I ask is because these inputs are digitized by a separated 8-channel ADC chip like this:

ADC #1 digitizes IN1-4, A1, B1, C1, D1.
ADC #2 digitizes A2, B2, C2, D2, A3, B3, C3, D3.

If the inputs digitized by ADC #1 are fine then that suggests that ADC #2 got damaged somehow and you would most likely need to send your ER-301 to me for repairs.

That’s weird. I looked but I can’t find any emails from you :thinking:

Your problem is very different from the OP and looks like you have a short to ground causing the ADC reference voltage to reset to a nonsense value (amongst other things). I would use a multimeter to check for shorts and inappropriate voltages on the case and various points on the ground circuit.

Perhaps it’s because I used the contact form, which was silly has I have your email address somewhere, but maybe a heads up that form isn’t working properly.

OK, I’m switching the DC and the i2c jacks I have in the case to plastic ones so they are isolated, hoping that solves the problem. I can borrow a pals multimeter, but please excuse my inexperience here, where exactly on the case would you recommend I check? I’m assuming the metal walls of the case itself on one end, but where would I connect the other end on the multimeter? This is where my electronics know-how falls short. :flushed:

Ahh. I hate to say the same inputs you mentioned, are all working fine. I ran an ext osc through it and it worked. It seems like the second chip might be broken :frowning:

at this point, what steps would I need to take to send it to you for repairs?

lol i honestly think the only downside at this point would be sponteanous combustions / this module is set to self destruct…

I pm’ed you.