Accessing sample loading from the top layer of a Custom Unit?

Is there any way to load a sample into a sample player deeply nested in a custom unit without having to dive in abysses ?

Not that I know of today.

use scope mode to quickly reach whichever point in yer patch :wink:


You could link the sample player to a “dummy” sample and then after loading the unit exchange the file in the sample pool! That’s how i handle multiple subchain sample players.


That’s pretty smart, didn’t think of that!

if we think drums i usually load up a bunch of them in multi mode and set up the slice control to change , example, the kick sound in the middle of a performance. very handy

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At the risk of (once again) sound like a fool, what do you mean by multi mode ?

I think he is referring to loading a lot of sample files as a sample chain. You can then slice the sample chain and assign a control to the slice parameter to switch between samples. This is handy for pre-recorded samples. I’m not sure that this solution works for buffers.


as @adrianf said.
you go to the sample pool and load samples into that. you’ll see an “enable multi mode” option , flag it and you’ll be able to import multiple samples (even folders) in one sample pool “slot”. they will show up as a single sample, but pre-sliced.
then you use a sample player and use slice control to choose yer sound!
very cool features!


Damn, and I was still preparing files on my computer.
They come organized in alphabetical order, though. A way to re-organize the slices would be awesome.
Anyway, sorry for my few latest posts, I missed a lot of features (just upgraded to 0.4.08).

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