Activate Part Transition Problem

I’m seeing what seems like odd behaviour, but I’m not spotting what I’m doing wrong. Situation is as follows:

Part user transition type is set to “Immediate” (i.e. the default).
I’m cueing up the next part with CV, and then sending in a high signal on the Activate input.

This is where the oddness occurs - the transition does not occur immediately as you would expect, but instead, playback pauses while the signal is high, then only continues with playback and the transition on the falling edge of the signal.

This seems to clash with the description in the instructions which suggests the rising edge of the high signal should immediately trigger the transition (when in User/Immediate mode), and nowhere is any pause until the falling edge mentioned at all.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Abstracting this to a simple level with a specific example, I’ve done some more digging on this, and this is what I find:

I have 2 patterns, each with 2 steps, and 2 parts set up, with 1 part covering the first and last steps in pattern 1, and the other the same in pattern 2. No reset point is set in either part.

In this situation (operating in user transition mode, with “immediate” selected in the .ini file), the part transition occurs the moment a high signal is sent into the transition input; i.e. the transition occurs on the rising input. Behaviour is as expected and as documented.

However, if reset points are set (in this example, to the first step in each pattern), then that same high gate signal on the transition input pauses the sequence until that gate drops again; i.e. the transition doesn’t occur until the input transition gate drops.

This seems odd (possibly a bug?), as the latter case isn’t respecting the “immediate” setting, but instead is following an undocumented state which seems to be “pause everything until the current transition gate signal drops”. Bug, feature, or intended behaviour?

Any pointers much appreciated! Thanks!

Does anyone have any ideas on this please?

It’s a bug. As of v2.24, the PART ACTIVATE input is level-sensitive (i.e. keep activating when high) instead of edge-sensitive (activate on a rising edge) which would be the correct behavior. In other words, it keeps transitioning while ACTIVATE is high. So if the active part has a RESET TO step it will be continually resetting to that step while ACTIVATE is high (i.e. transitioning).

Issue created: PART ACTIVATE input is level-sensitive when it should be edge sensitive · Issue #1 · odevices/er-102 · GitHub

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Thanks Brian - that explains it. I thought I was going mad :wink:
I’ll work around for the time being until a solution appears.
Thanks again.