Add Control to Custom Unit Panel

I was thinking, that would be nice to be able to focus on a parameter (nested in a custom unit) hit something like Shift + Enter and you’d be asked if you want to add it as a control on the Custom Unit Panel.

I find the way to add controls very tedious.

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but also very precise!

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I just realized that, when you leave Hold mode, the cursor points to the last control pointed in Hold mode !
Holy sh-t ! That’s really well thought. How did I miss this ?

It’s amazing ! Thanks, and sorry, I’m just back to the ER301 after a long journey out.


you mean SCOPE mode,dont you?

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Wrong thread? :smiley:

Topic: You do know that control templates can be saved and loaded from the custom control screen?

Howewer, i think this is a sweet idea. Hit a button combo when focusing a parameter and the custom control screen pops up with the mirrored settings that can be edited if one wishes…and the input links already to the new custom control on the top level. This would save some work for sure.

I meant Scope of course. Sorry for the confusion.
Totally missed the control templates thing as well. Need to check it out, thanks !
And no, it belongs to this thread as it fastens and improve the workflow when assigning controls.

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I like this idea a lot, taking inspiration from MIDI mapping. That would speed up my workflow quite a bit I think :slight_smile: