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Adding i2c on 301


I bought my 301 used and the previous owner ordered it with a power option (I think) instead of the i2c thing. Is it possible to add it and what do I need to do so?


There were never really any “options” - its just a matter of when the previous owner bought the unit. It sounds like you have a rev 7 board, which does require a slight modification. Have a look here to help determine which board revision you have, and then what you need to do.


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Yes. You are absolutely correct :slight_smile: I found an explanation when I searched for rev 7. Is this the only thing you need to do?


It’s the only thing you need to do to the ER-301.

Depending what you want to connect and how, you might have to modify other hardware. For example if connecting a 16n in leader mode, you might need to add pull up resistors to the 16n.

Connecting teletype on the other hand would require no further modification.

Thanks a lot!

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