Admin / Utility Idea - Sample to Buffer

One thing I find myself doing frequently is making samples from other modular gear recorded into the 301. Could be drums, blips, whatever…

So the current process… I’ll record stuff into the 6 track recorder, bring it into the sample player, trim what I want and save that… and then… that’s the file I’ll use in grains, or sample players etc.

Alternately (and usually), I’ll take the card, pop it into the computer and quickly cut stuff up and save files in ProTools. But, in keeping with my modular mantra, I like to avoid using the computer if at all possible :slight_smile:

What if there was a faster method in admin call “Called Sample to Buffer”?

I envision a procedure such as below:

-enter the “sample to buffer” mode in the admin menu
-assign a mono or stereo input (at this point it’s input monitoring to the output(s) so you can hear the source and see it with meters)
-record the sound with a simple record and stop controls. (the recorded sound defines the buffer size behind the scenes automaticlally)
-use the same edit tools available in the slice editor… i.e.: fade in / out /normalize / trim

at this point… you could decide to save this auto generated buffer file as a filename of your choice or abandon.

Now you have a prepped file to use in grains, the sample player etc…


Just brainstorming here but how about setting up a global chain for this purpose? You can even save it as a global chain preset.

Are you talking about using that somehow as an existing method? (how??) or if this idea was integrated into global chains somehow in the future? (i like!)

I’m talking about using the existing tools to create “an area” just for sampling to a buffer. The only part not implemented is “the recorded sound defines the buffer size behind the scenes automatically”. However, if you know the maximum size then you can just create a working buffer of that size, assign it to your Sample Recorder and then whenever you trim it it will create a new buffer automatically of the trimmed size.

So something along the lines of…

Within a Global chain, add a mixer with an external input feeding it. I’m not in the studio but I’m pretty the global chains don’t have inputs right. I forget off hand :blush:

Add a looper after that with a long buffer… record what you need. destructive edit the file in a sample player and save what you want kinda thing…

Yep … good idea I’ll do that!

Yup that is basically it. Global chains have inputs so no mixer necessary.

In the meantime, I do like the basic idea. So I think it is worth thinking more about.


I’ve been thinking about something similar. My dream would be to be able to have a unit where each on/off cycle of the record input would spit out a new file. That way, I could just trigger quantized recording from a sequencer and sample melody variations super quickly with zero admin in between.

Sorry if this diverges too much from your idea, Neil!

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That’s cool too!

My request - It all comes down to being able to get audio quickly and efficiently into system for use with grains and the slicer.

@odevices, what if we had those destructive editing tools available in the 6 Track somehow (if you were recording a single mono or stereo file)?


I’m all for streamlining this workflow, but not sure the 6 track recorder is the place to do it!

…but i might be wrong!!

+1 destructive editing in 6 tracks recorder :slightly_smiling_face:

Been mulling this over and the more I think about it the more I am coming round to the idea; kind of like a sample management section where you can record, edit and save audio :slight_smile:

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Even a menu option within the slicer editor called ‘selection to new file’ would be super helpful.


Bumping this topic – I think something like this would be a great enhancement. Getting samples saved quickly, with minimal keypresses to reach a state where there’s a file on the card, would be a dream.

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Why not just a unit that records directly on card - push to record - save and export to a buffer combo ?

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