ADSR question

Hi there,

I’m new here (and to synthing) and just got my 301 this weekend. I’m trying to figure out the basics and perform a simple patch. How would I apply an adsr envelope to an incoming signal? I feel like I’ve tried almost everything but no luck.

I’ve tried a few different ways between these two basically:
Input signal into track 1 then adding a VCA with an ADSR in its sub chain.
And then like a traditional EG, where gate is sent to the 301 and output into one of my VCAs.

No luck with any number of ways. I know I’m missing something here. I’m sort of a dumbass so any help is appreciated.

I watched Neils video .4#3 where he builds a basic subtractive synth voice with the adsr in a vca sub chain. How would this work with outside signal?
Anyway thanks!

The first way sounds correct. Set IN1 as the source for channel 1. Next drop in a Linear VCA. Set it’s bias to 0. At this point you should hear silence.

Put an ADSR in the linear VCA’s sub chain. Set the sub chain gain to 1.0. Then trigger the ADSR with something. You can start by just triggering it manually with the fire button to make sure it’s working.

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It does sound from your description that you actually understand the basics but have fallen into the common pitfall of “forgetting to set the subchain gain” which defaults to zero (i.e. don’t pass the signal up the hierarchy).

also the adsr takes whatever signal before it as the input gate. I was confused initially because I was looking for a gate input control.

Ok, I got it to work, sort of. When I clear the chain input of the adsr and manually fire or trigger the envelope, i can hear the the slow attack and long release time of the incoming signal when I push and hold. But the individual notes in the sequence being sent to the 301 are not being effected by this. I think this is why i couldn’t tell the adsr was actually working. Like the envelope isn’t retriggering every time a gate signal is being sent which is what I’m trying to go for. I don’t have another envelope generator in my rack currently haha. Again, new at this, but getting there. Thanks for the pointers!

make sure your gate input is assigned to the spot just before the ADSR.