ADSR Unit!

I’m going round in circles with this hehe :smile:

So thought I’d start a new thread to consolidate any questions about this unit into one place.

Anyway, I’m kinda struggling with the Attack being tied to gate length. Switching between long and short notes isn’t that straightforward.

If I set everything up to send triggers then the short envelopes work great - they are super short :slight_smile:

If I want a nice long attack, I figured I could just increase the Attack time, but alas no, I have to send a really long gate to get it to function correctly and this isn’t always convenient.

For example, I would like to switch from really short envelopes to long envelopes triggered by the same triggers but at a much slower clock division.

Is it possible to get the envelope to honour the Attack and (I think) Decay portions regardless of gate length, just like it does with the Release please?

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This is like a function gen rather than envelope. So a trigger causes an attack to begin and then enter a decay/release phase. I’d say this is probably a different unit.

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The Maths works like this, can’t remember if you’ve got one but anyway just for clarity, on the maths if a second trigger happens before the attack finishes it is ignored, if it happens during the decay, the decay is reset to the start of the decay phase.

There are definitely times when an function gen is better than an envelope and vice versa


This does feel like a normal ADSR module found on a synth or in Eurorack though - as a held gate will work hand in hand with the sustain time… so using it with a keyboard or touch controller such as pressure points makes the most sense.

If it’s being fed a fixed gate signal i.e.: a Pamela’s workout, the the attack/Decay wont work properly if longer than the gate pulse.

One workaround would be to:

-record an A/D envelope
-drop it into a sample player
-have a single slice set so it runs one-shot
-using the pitch or speed control essentially changes the length for the envelope

Then, if you sent it a trigger it’ll absolutely play in completion if with a short pulse.

Ahh i didnt realise this is how the adsr worked in the 301 so thanks for the clarity. Very clever work around as usual Neil! Want to try this out tonight

Thanks everyone!!!

Yeah - I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it per se :slight_smile:

Now it’s been said I can see it’s clearly as @iPassenger said, it’s different functions!

I am realising that I am spoiled rotten with the Double Andore mk][ :smiley:

I think the source of these desires is once again because I am not a keyboard player, it is a very different approach isn’t it.

p.s. thanks for including the recorded envelope hack again @NeilParfitt - helps others who are new!

Yeah it’s sort of my “go to” workaround. I think it’ll be super easy once Brian deploys the basic Audio file editing options to eliminate needing a computer for precise prep.

Indeed, I can see loads that could still be done, and that it is all totally doable - it’s coming!!

I am very happy to be involved with it at this stage in the development process and more than happy to wait - there’s so much to play with I feel like I’ve barely touched it so far anyway!

I feel like there’s some solution possible using a sample and hold and VCA, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Hello. First post in the forum though I’ve been lurking for a bit. Just received my unit about a week ago and this is the first thing that had me scratching my head.

Sounds like a useful feature for the ADSR to have a “trigger mode” which just kicks off the envelope as is according to the parameters.

Going to try the sample trick above :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Joe! And thanks for all the tutorials and content on the forum. With the help of this forum, the wiki, you and Neil’s vids I was able to hit the ground running. Have to say this is the most fun I’ve had in a while!