Advice needed for special character track naming

Hello good people, I need some advice on a novel track naming convention I’ve come up with which will also be how my artist name looks too. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping as it doesn’t appear too simple!

It’s all made entirely out of special characters, no letters or numbers are used, which are available in the standard IOS keyboard (because I come up with them late at night on my phone using the notes app!)

I think it needs to be coded, is that correct?

I want them to not only appear the same everywhere the same but I also use bold and broken up strikethroughs in some too, this means that regular meta data can’t do it. I also want it to bypass the issue where windows and such won’t allow such things on the file itself. I’ve seen it before on downloads and the text looked different like it was ‘rendered’. ie like it was more of an image file than a standard text file.

Anywhere anyone can point me in the direction of this would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know where to start. I read something about Unicode? Would this be the best option for this? Is it even possible with that?