Advice on planed skiff functionality and battery / power bank option

Hello everyone,
This awesome module drags me back to euro and music making as i like many was waiting for such a kind of sample-capable tool.

So please give some opinions about functionality of this planed skiff here. Some modules are less important but most are essential for my workflow.
Enough offset and control? As i like to work out realistic drums my sequencing needs are minimal, i may do a lot of audio based tracking and stacking inside the er301. Midi sequencing was never my cup and the Fh1 is there for 4 voice polyphony of instrument patches/oscs etc.

Next i would like to know if this runs from a modern 12v power bank battery kind of thing. Important for me!

Hopefully i can get a er301 soon and than its saving up in baby steps for the rest. First fh1 so i can actually play it.

Personally, I would swap Pressure Points for a Teletype, unless you already have the PP.

The FH-1 should cover your controller requirements and Teletype is probably the best sequencer you can get for the ER-301, amongst many other things, in a small skiff.

Thanks for the hint. Yet the opposite of what i am looking for i think.
I am ready to study the „programming“ of the 301 but everything around shall be hands on otherwise i d loose myself in the complexity…

I redid the skiff plan a bit. Still not there completely. Finding a sequencer that suits me is a problem. Really wonder if i should just record cv and audio inside the er 301 and see that as sequences…

Anyway here my current plan(s)
I prefer the 60 hp but sooner or later… .