Aliasing saw unit - slowest setting

Hi Brian!

Would you ever consider offering an even slower setting for the Saw?

It’s proving to be so useful in conjunction with the manual grains unit to create consistant time stretching effects by sweeping the start time. Being able to set this to an even slower rate below .005 would turn sound into an endless stretchy liquid goooooo! :slight_smile:

Perhaps .001?

Of course I have my workaround using a slow waveform playing back in a slower running sample player… but just curious as always.

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I’m totally open to this but can I confirm that you are aware that you can use the V/oct parameter to reduce the speed by 3 octaves (or 1/8th). So really the slowest time is currently 0.01Hz/8 = 0.00125Hz or 800s per cycle or 13.3mins per cycle.


and… I’ll confirm that for some reason I didn’t think of that,


Video or the rest of us will remain lost :slight_smile:

theres; one uploading now :slight_smile:

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Video #24 for this one :slight_smile: