All Flesh into ER-301

Anyone tried these connected directly to ER-301?

edit: I should post a link in case anyone doesn’t know what they are:

Mine arrived this morning - yay!! Looking forward to getting chance to check em out!


Haven’t checked out any videos on them yet, but I am interested to see what the difference is between touching the free end of a cable inserted into a module and using these. Especially interested to see how you end up putting them to use in the 301.

Probably not that different… but imagine a few in some of the ER-301 sockets and another in an offset somewhere - instant and a very immediate drum machine?

That’s what I am currently planning on anyway :slight_smile:


Not quite as Cronenberg-esque as I had hoped.

I wonder how much pressure or leverage these things generate. My Stackcables worry me enough. 3.5mm jacks and plugs aren’t exactly the paragon of durability.

Good question!

I tend not to worry about stuff like that as I’m perfectly capable of repairing myself, certainly something to bear in mind for the more heavy handed folks amongst us!

When I get round to building mine and checking them out I’ll report back with how I feel about them.

I am building some - will report back. @anon83620728 tell me about this offset pls.

Cool! Good luck!!

Mine are way down a pretty long list of builds at the moment… I’m not complaining at all but offering to build modules from the Thonk kits for folks has been way more popular than I thought it would be and I am busy!

Most attenuator modules output a fixed voltage if there is nothing patched into the input*. This fixed voltage could be used as a power source for turning your fingers into trigger/gate generators!

I have no idea how this will translate when connecting to multiple destinations simultaneously, but I would imagine it would be similar to an unbuffered multiple.

Keen to try it out, but must keep my priorities straight!

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Very curious about these too. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with them on the 301

Nice Instagram from NSO Music on MW - show’s the kind of things possible - really interesting!

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Fantastic. I’m just going to order some of these, they should work with the 301 ay. I’ve got a soldering iron but I’ve never tried a diy module. You think it would be easy enough for a first timer?

I would consider this to be about as easy a soldering project as it’s possible to do!

I heard it’s a bit awkward and you should use a clothes peg to clamp the plate and the jack together while you solder.

Ay it looks pretty straight forward. Thanks for the tip :+1:

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Finally got round to these - and they are GREAT!!!

Perfect for finger drumming, I have 4 in the gate inputs and with one finger I can pretty reliably play rhythms - it looks for all the world like I am tapping on the side of the case.

I wouldn’t use these for any length of time - but with a looper recording the triggers they’re pretty much perfect for un-quantised drums!

Some finger wetting required on occasion :slight_smile:

I would actually recommend these if you like this kind of thing.

Ok… heres… wait for it… don’t freak out or anything… a VIDEO… gasp!

Direct link to All FleshVideo

If you watch carefully I am triggering the middle two together sometimes, it’s actually possible to trigger all four of them at roughly the same time by adjusting the angle of my finger!


Just watched this again and it looks like I am hitting those pads really hard, but I promise I am not it’s just the camera is balanced precariously and is picking up every vibration :slight_smile:

They feel really solid!

edit: I’ve been inspecting closely and there’s a little amount of flex between the pad and the jack socket which seems to absorb some pressure!

Can I get a direct link to this video as it is not showing up in my browser, though it is showing a grayed out play button? I’m on Windows 10 using Chrome should the admin of the forum want to know.

Sure, I’ve edited the above post :slight_smile:

Oh my word… There is so much cool stuff happening on this forum today I don’t know where to begin!

@anon83620728 - this is really neat! I’m glad you put my fears to rest as my first thought was “Oh, your poor 301!” :slight_smile: Quite some finger drumming you have going on there! How do they respond to pressure sensitivity e.g. as a modulator? Or maybe they aren’t supposed to. I can’t remember.

Glad you joined us in video-land. Well done!

FWIW, I am on Chrome in Win 10 and the video appears inline and works for me. I do have the Dropbox client installed on my machine. Maybe that’s the difference?


Cheers @Joe

You’re not wrong… and I think we’re only just beginning!

I don’t think there’s much in the way of pressure sensitivity, or variable resistance which is what it would have to be to make this work; perhaps I could somehow alter my body’s natural resistance somehow? :smiley:

It does take the briefest of moment to allow the full voltage through, so possibly some variance there, but really not much at all, probably better off using a slew to slow everything down, that might be nice.

Yeah the Dropbox shared video working was a surprise, quite neat as it means I can manage everything on my local machine, and don’t have to sign up for anything, and it makes it super easy for folks to download, if they want to, I have a folder called _shared video. If I do any more, I will include the standard link as well as the video.

The main reason I don’t do video like yourself and Neil, is that I have quite a deep voice, and a northern England accent too, and I always think it always sounds terrible and difficult to understand! Somehow Ben, Divkid (who lives just a few miles away from me) gets away with it, but every so often he drops a proper colloquialism or very regional pronunciation in there :smiley:


Though I don’t speak French or Russian I find many of the tutorials that come out of those areas are super helpful, not just by what can be gleaned by watching actions but subtitles help fill in the gaps. And who among us who speak English or American haven’t wished for subtitles when listening to someone from Scotland?

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