All the outputs of my ER-101 have stopped working

my ER-101’s outputs don’t send cv, everything else works (inputs, ER-102 and software). I also tried to disconnect the ER102 but nothing has changed. How can i reach the OD support? is this the right way?

Gate outputs work too

Hey there! Did you ever get ahold of Brian to get yours fixed? I am having a similar issue with one of my outputs not working…

No I’m waiting for an answer, i have been a bit busy in the last days, but i’m waiting for it. I love this sequencer and only him can help me.

That’s odd. I don’t see any emails from you. Did you use the same email to sign up to this forum?

I didn’t send an email (I didn’t find one), I only wrote here.

please can you send me your email to receive support?

I’m still waiting for an answer, how can i receive support for my unit with a problem?

Brian, doses your company offer support? because i’m still waiting an answer from you.
Where can i find your email?